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Title: Important Covid - 19 Updates
Post by: danialthomas on March 28, 2020, 03:29:32 pm
Cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease of 2019) continue to rise in the United States. Please do not minimize the impact this virus can have, even in young people (see

Based on recent data (see, I am no longer prescribing hydroxychloroquine to my patients. I am now prescribing nitazoxanide as an alternative (see

Like me, I am sure you have gotten unsolicited emails talking about using supplements to “strengthen your immune system” considering COVID-19. I’m all in favor of a strong immune system, but that may not be enough when you have a virus that can DISABLE the immune system. In my professional medical opinion, you need a protocol that can simultaneously: a) kill COVID-19, b) block the ability of the virus to inhibit the immune system, c) limit the cytokine storm, and d) inhibit lung damage.

Please note that lack of time prevents me from answering any questions you may have from this posting. This information is being posted to help protect you and your family.

Dr. Daniel Thomas, DO, MS
Mount Dora, Florida