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Title: Nine Caring Ways to Support a Lung Cancer Survivor
Post by: Cancer Health Editors on December 04, 2019, 08:25:16 am
In 2016, about 218,000 people were diagnosed with lung cancer. You may know someone with lung cancer—a family member, a friend, a neighbor or a colleague. This November, in recognition of lung cancer awareness month, here are nine incredible ways that you can support lung cancer survivors. (Spoiler: they’re not all that different than ways you would support other cancer survivors.)

1) Listen. Hearing, “You have lung cancer” can be an overwhelming experience. Sit with them as they process the information. Listen as they talk about their plans for treatment and their worries and their hopes.

2) Stay connected. Check in regularly throughout treatment. Ask if they would like a meal train. Offer to help with household errands or rides to appointments.

3) Ask before sharing. If you have a lung cancer story you believe might be helpful, ask before you share, if they’d like to hear your story or what happened with someone else that you may know. Other stories about lung cancer might frighten or minimize the experiences of the survivor you’re talking with.

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